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Program Slides

Session One: 

Doing Triage Well

Session Two:

Safety in the Title IX Environment

Session Three:

Informal Resolution Process

Session Seven: 

Teaching Consent

Session Eight:

Supportive Measures

Session Nine:

Violence Risk Assessment

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Advanced Interview Skills
Types of Threat
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DarkFox Den.jpg
Pathways and DarkFox

As part of attending the conference, you now have access to both Pathways and DarkFox for 30 days using the password Nashville9. If you require longer access to assess or review the systems, we would be happy to provide that. Please contact to make the request.

While described as a “triage” system, it is important that you see this differently from the ICS triage process or the individualized safety or risk assessment. The Pathways system is useful as a first pass look at a wide range behaviors. It was designed for BIT/CARE teams to use on each case that comes to the team. It can also be used by front line staff, such as academic advisors, teachers, guidance and clinical counselors, to assist in assigning an initial level of risk. In the Title IX process, Pathways may be useful to help determine some supportive measures. The power of Pathways is in the easy to use data entry system, the creation of a consistent process that helps mitigate bias, and the generation of a report that can be saved as a PDF and included in your existing database system. As part of the Pathways system, there is a suicide Wayfinder. You can use this tool directly from the menu or you will be prompted to use it if there becomes needed as part of a pathways triage. To have Brian walk your team through a sample case or for information about pricing, please contact or to schedule a time via zoom.

ICS has licensed DarkFox for use in its Individualized Safety Assessment (ISA), which will launch to community partners this spring. This version will have a Title IX focus and more customized interventions for Title IX staff. While you are welcome to look over the system now, there will be some changes in the ISA-Title IX version. The Darkfox system is a violence risk and threat assessment process that allows the user to learn about threat assessment as they enter data into the system. Darkfox creates a unique violence risk and threat report that provides increased consistency, bias mitigation, and documentation that aids with legal risk mitigation. To have Brian walk your team through a sample case or for information about pricing, please contact or to schedule a time via zoom.

Recommended Reading

The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Risk Factors for Sexual Violence on College Campuses (DD-12)
Brian Van Brunt, EdD, Amy Murphy, EdD, and Mary Ellen O’Toole, PhD

Abstract: National conversations have focused recently on the need for colleges and universities to better address the dilemma of sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence on U.S. college campuses. Administrators, counselors, law enforcement, prevention advocates, and conduct officers struggle with efforts to prevent and intervene on these cases. A recent federal mandate requires campuses to actively implement comprehensive strategies and programs to address this epidemic of sexual violence. This includes targeted prevention programming to address sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, more commonly referred to as intimate partner violence, and stalking behavior. In the wake of this recent attention, university faculty and staff are faced with the dilemma of better understanding the motivations and risk factors associated with individuals and groups committing these types of attacks. Understanding these risk factors provides administrators, conduct officers, law enforcement, prevention advocates, and counselors with insight into preventative education and better informed policy and procedures to reduce sexual assault in the university setting.

Early Identification of Grooming and Targeting in Predatory Sexual Behavior on College Campuses

Brian Van Brunt, EdD, Amy Murphy, PhD, Lisa Pescara-Kovach, PhD, and Gina-Lyn Crance, EdD


Abstract: Institutions of higher education have an opportunity through prevention programs, education, and early intervention to reduce the occurrence of sexual violence within their student population. This article outlines grooming and targeting behaviors used in sexual predation in an effort to better inform those working in student conduct, the student affairs department, law enforcement, prevention education, and counseling/health services.

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