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The Conference

Two-days of discussions, quick takes, and group teaching

that will inform and enhance your Title IX process


Join us for a two-day learning and networking opportunity at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. The conference brings together experts in the fields of legal services, law enforcement and psychology to share insights related to the Title IX processes in the K-12 setting. Our speakers will share important practice updates, collaborative relationships, and interactive discussions on a range of topics.


The partnership between Institutional Compliance Solutions and D-Prep brings together some of the strongest legal minds with experts in law enforcement, counseling, threat assessment, title IX, and violence risk assessment to better prepare you in your Title IX education, assessment, triage, and overall process.


The conference will be made up of panel discussions, quick takes, and group teaching to offer a variety of approaches to learning and engagement. We are intentionally keeping the number of participants small to allow for more intimate conversations and networking opportunities. Your work is challenging enough; your conference experience should be one where you can relax and learn while engaging with both the instructors and other attendees.


Join us as we talk about the challenging Title IX issues in the K-12 setting with our multi-disciplinary team of instructors. We will share our experience, encourage dialogue, and spend time talking through these issues more informally during themed dinners. Spend some time with us in Nashville as we learn from each other.


*Note: While the conference is primarily geared to the K-12 audience, many higher education practitioners would have a meaningful experience applying these concepts to their work in the post-secondary arena. Given the trend in the field to focus on higher education examples and instruction, we are committed to organizing our material around the needs of the K-12 Title IX staff. That being said, we feel this would be a meaningful training experience for those in higher education, as long as they are aware that the examples will be primarily centered in the K-12 space. If you have any questions and are unsure this conference is for you, please contact

Institutional Compliance Solutions

Legal and consulting services for colleges, universities,
elementary and secondary schools


We provide a full range of legal and consulting services for elementary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education with a specialization in Title IX compliance. We partner with school districts and institutions to assist with campus-specific Title IX Training and policy drafting and review, independent Title IX investigations, assistance with Office for Civil Rights and other federal investigations, and litigation. 

D-Prep Safety

D-Prep provides training and consulting services for
disaster preparation and critical incident response


The Safety Division trains K-12 schools, colleges, universities, law enforcement, and workplace on issues related to threat assessment, crisis preparedness, crisis response, emergency operations, behavioral intervention, mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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